Look after your Car with a Winter Health Check, MOT and Service!

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Have you had your MOT and Service this year? It’s cold, it’s dark and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car, miles away from our car garage near Bromley. It’s never an ideal situation, but it just seems a whole lot worse on the chilly nights of winter, doesn’t it? That’s why it’s so very, very important to book your vehicle in for a winter health check at our car garage Bromley, just to make sure everything’s ticking away nicely before you head out onto the roads. At We Fix Any Car, an established car garage covering Bromley, we’ll service your car from top to bottom and give you the assurance you need this winter that you won’t end up in a sorry situation on the hard shoulder.

What Vehicles do we Service?

We Fix Any Car is ready to take on a whole host of vehicles at our car garage Bromley. We MOT and service passenger cars, medium sized vans and HGVs, all of which our team know inside out. You can rest assured knowing your vehicle will be in the safe hands of experts at our car garage near Bromley!

Car Garage Bromley Winter Health Check

So what does our winter health check actually entail? In the most basic terms, everything your car will need to stay in top shape throughout winter, and to keep you safe on the roads. Here’s a list of everything our car MOT and servicing near Bromley covers:

Tyre Pressure Check / Tread Depth

Switches, controls, warning lamp, Lights & horn

Fuel System Check

Heating & air conditioning

Interior & exterior lamps & mirrors (includes headlamp levelling)

Heated windscreen, rear screen & mirrors

Lubricate door locks & seals (if required)

Air Filter Check


Wipers & washers

Under body fluid leaks

Steering & suspension

Brakes Front & Rear (includes parking brake operation)

Engine bay fluid leaks

Engine oil, brake fluid

Coolant level / Anti-Freeze

Screen wash level & strength

Ancillary drive belt(s) & Tension

Battery Check

As you can see, it’s pretty comprehensive. Our car servicing near Bromley will ensure that every aspect of your car is in working order, and spot anything that is faulty or could cause problems. You’ll feel much safer driving out of our car garage Bromley than you did driving in!

Why do you need a Winter Health Check?

Sure, the MOT and service looks great, but why is it so essential you get it done? We’ve already covered how unappealing it is to break down in the cold, glum days of winter, in a car where the heating’s just died with at least an hour wait for help. That should be enough to get you calling our car garage near Bromley straight away! But in case you need more convincing, there’s also the safety aspect. Winter is notorious for treacherous weather and hazardous driving conditions, with the amount of breakdowns and accidents increasing considerably. Snow, ice and huge downpours of rain all contribute to making this a dangerous driving season. Making sure your car can deal with the weather is essential, meaning you need to get your tyres, lights and steering checked – and everything else, really! The cold weather can also take its toll on worn out mechanisms, so it’s important everything’s in good shape before the winter really sets in. Our car MOT and servicing covering Bromley will ensure your safety through the colder season, and that’s something you really shouldn’t leave to chance.

If you’d like any more information about our the MOT and Service We Fix Any Car provide covering Bromley and our winter health checks, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’d like to stop by for a chat about your vehicle, we’re based in London with a car garage near Bromley and we’re always happy to answer any questions!








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